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Interkulturelles Lernen in der Kindergruppe Wasserfloh
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Cross-cultural Learning in a Small Private Kindergarten in Austria The Kindergruppe Wasserfloh is a non-profit organisation run by the parents of the children attending the kindergarten. The Kindergruppe Wasserfloh’s educational bases are the concepts developed by Rebecca and Mauricio Wild, Maria Montessori and jesper Juul. We respect our children as individuals and our meaning of education is more to accompany the children and help if they need it. but not lecture them. The Kindergruppe Wasserfloh offers a family like environment in a kindergarten with a big garden next to the Vienna Woods. For 12 months (1 st of August until 31 st of July the following year) the volunteer will be integrated in the cultural lives of the parents in Kirtzendorf and the surrounding villages. The volunteer will take part in the teachers’ and children’s activities during daycare hours. This may include sports, excursions, games, music etc.. The volunteer is more then welcome to show his/her culture in our daily lives especially in the Kindergruppe. The volunteer will NOT have responsibility on his own for the children. There will always be a kindergarten teacher or parent nearby! Other volunteers are usually situated in the Freiraum school next door and in St Andrä Wördern, Kreamont school. With this project we want to take part and offer aspects of solidarity and respect for young people. In Vienna the volunteer will also have the possibility to meet other volunteers. The children will meet the volunteer and live cross-cultural understanding. Showing respect to all humans and the nature we accompany our children and our aim is the European dimension of our Kindergruppe.



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