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Intergrated Multilingual E-service for Business Communication (IMU)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to support successful business communication between Russian and Finnish SMEs in the Programme are with following measures: To tackle identifiable problems of using e-services in business communication in North-West Russia and South-East Finland. To improve the level of e-services in business communication between Russian and Finnish SMEs, trading networks, business travelers and other travel groups. To facilitate communication and improve the quality of customer service in day-to-day activities and especially in emergency situations. To facilitate the process of business matchmaking and youth mobility across the border.



  • 70%   422 610,00
  • 2007 - 2013 South-East Finland-Russia ENPI CBC
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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