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Intergenerational Dialogue through European Voluntary Service
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Intercultural Dialogue through European Voluntary Service was born from the good and long cooperation between Uniser (CO) three nursing homes Casa di Riposo Pietro Zangheri; Fondazione Don Baronio and Casa di Riposo Arturo Fracassi (HOs). The project will create the opportunity for 14 young people from 4 European countries (France, Germany, Portugal and Spain) to involve volunteer s in nursing homes and get stimulated by getting closer with elderly people. The project starts form the consideration that young people in Europe face many difficulties especially when they finish the mandatory education, youth unsemploiment and the perception of the economical crisis have give life to the NEET phenomena, which calls for urgent intervention. Therefore the main objective of the project is to stimulate youngsters and reduce the risk of NEET phenomena by fostering intergenerational dialogue. To do so the partners have set 3 specific objectives: 1) To provide young people with skills and competences for their personal and professional development 2) To increase sense of EU citizenship and EU values both in participants and local community 3) To reinforce the cooperation between local and European organisations. The volunteers involved, will have to realize a common project with the main objective to get closer different generations. To achieve this objective the participants will have the mission to create a visual tool (like a documentary, a movie, a pictures exposition) concerning European awareness and citizenship from point of view of elderly and young people involved, which will also work as a dissemination tool toward the local community about these themes. They will have specific time dedicated to plan their methodology coordinating by the volunteer of Uniser and supervising by the different responsible of the organizations. During the project the volunteers will be free to decide how to use the suitable tools, provided by the organizations, in order to develop their creativity. Casa di Riposo Pietro Zangheri will host in total 6 volunteers per 9 months each: 2 from the Portuguese SO Rota Jovem 4 from the Spanish Agora Cultural Fondazione Don Baronio will host in total 6 volunteers per 9 months each: 2 from the Portuguese Associação Mais Cidadania, 2 from the Spanish Asociación para la Formación y Actividades Interculturales para la Juventud and 2 from the French Eurocircle. Casa di Riposo Arturo Fracassi will host in total 2 volunteers from the German Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste Landesverein Berlin 1 for 10 months and 1 for 9 months. Although these three organisation have different characteristics, the volunteers role, the activities proposed and the learning opportunities offered are approximately the same: The volunteers will be mainly involved in the animation activities addressed to the elderly people of the nursing homes. They will help them during their displacements inside and outside the building and will support the staff with the meals distribution. As previous occasions have showed, this project will impact elderly people of the nursing homes, it will improve the quality of their lives through the presence of young and motivated European volunteers. The volunteers, will be a bridge between elderly and youngsters, they will bring benefit to these two target groups, involving them in a mutual intercultural exchange through intergenerational dialogue. The volunteers will be recruited after the approval of the application, when the Hosting Organisations and Uniser, in cooperation with Sending Organisations will evaluate and select the candidatures received. All volunteers will be asked to become promoters of EVS and Erasmus+ programme, of EU, its initiatives, opportunities and positive values, in order to ensure a significant impact of the project on communities involved, raising positive awareness and boosting new participation in the Programme



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