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Interegional test and promotion centre for the wood sector (EUROWOOD IV)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2007, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Timber industry partners cooperate on pilot and demonstration projects to give a new impetus to their sector, which in turn is good for the economy and society in the cross-border area. Achievements: There have been many tangible results, more specifically:Top of the supply chain of the forest and wood products sector, the forest management actions through experimental action (1), advice to forest municipality elected officials (2) and the feasibility study on the local wood promotion platform (3) encouraged exchanges between public and private forest owners and managers, technicians and Walloon and French officials with a real interest in the development of the forest sector. The consultation on sustainable management of the cross-border Ardennes - Fagne – Thiérache forest (action 1) worked out five identified themes: sustainable forest management, more effective forestry strategies, balance between forestry and game, sustainable forest exploitation, and social and recreational forest. Experiments, demonstrations, information and training meetings (60 days with over 3,700 participants), 91 A1 posters, 10 brochures, 11 articles were implemented by the partners to promote and disseminate the foundations of sustainable forest management.The awareness-raising of the municipal elected officials (action 2) was done through the edition of 4 newsletters and the organisation of 8 information days. In addition, the partners developed a decision-making tool for the elected officials, which was finalised in 2012.The feasibility study of the cross-border wood promotion platform (action 3) showed the project has a real economic added value.Bottom of the supply chain :The partners continued the technology transfer to new local wood applications, with in particular the MHM poplar, and research on the use of new chemical products (action 4). In addition, they helped professionals obtain certifications and with the requirements of the various regulations.In terms of support to wood sector professionals (action 5) they are already familiar with various tools, such as the call centre, the networks and Inter & Bois journals. The material libraries, a wood material library, was finalised in 2012. A virtual section supplements the available samples and technical records at the partners. A technical document on wood construction was published and disseminated among professionals.On the one hand, the promotion of the forest and wood products sector to the general public (action 6) is based on a cross-border architectural award. An exhibition was created, such as the 2009 edition, and presented to the public to promote the cross-border wood architecture, the quality of and efficiency of wood buildings in the cross-border area. In addition, they disseminated catalogues.On the other hand, to promote and put the wood sector in the limelight, the Routes du Bois (wood circuits) were developed: 6 cross-border loops, permanent cross-border circuits that bring together many wood sector stakeholders around 6 themes. Finally, there as the development of wood as a sustainable energy source with the support of various boilerhouse projects in the cross-border area. Project managers were supported in their work. Many awareness actions were organised, such as the Vendredi du Bois Energie(the Wood energy Fridays) and two cross-border colloquiums in April 2011 and December 2012. Finally, various communication tools were developed.



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  • 2007 - 2013 France - Wallonia - Flanders (BE-FR)
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