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Intercultural learning and mobility for young people IIplus
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The 4 European volunteers will be hosted in the local area of Padova , in Xena, and respectively for 6 and 9 months. During their period in Italy they will help the H.O. in the activities that associations runs in the field of work with youth and social activities. Their presence will be of great help for the added value that they will bring in the activities, new ideas and new projects they will help to realize and for the fact that will create the possibility of confrontation within the institutions , both with staff and users. At the same time this will be for they a great opportunity to live an intercultural experience abroad , a possibility of personal development and professional formation in terms of experiences and new competences that will be useful also in professional field to give they more chances to find a job later. The volunteers have different profiles, both for age and objectives, Paula e Ygitalp are the youngsters , both are 23 years old, and even if they come from different fields they have a strong interest for the social sector, in case of the Turkish participant also for personal reasons even if they don’t have so much experiences in this sector. Both are trying to understand how to continue their training process after the end of university and which job possibility they will have , especially in Spain where the opportunity in the labor market for youngsters are really few. Iva e Marija are a litle older, 27 years old, and already finish their university, but especially Iva have not already found any job opportunity and She is still trying to understand if continue to study or if find a job and in which field. All the volunteers will be involves in respective projects in active way, and will be responsible for some activities and small personal projects, they will be part of the team of the organization and will realize their activities in the field of non-formal education. Marija in Xena will help to realize local activities, activities related to intercultural learning, in host people from other countries, and in the dissemination of evs and Erasmus+ programme. Iva, Paula and Ygitalp , in activities with unaccompanied minors, in activities to contrast of decay of some urban area in Padova and in sensibilization about gender equality. We think that the project will have a positive long term impact first of all on the volunteers, in term of personal development , and competences acquired, also with a view to improving their future employability. At the same time there will be a good impact also in Hosting organization , that already have hosted volunteers in the past with very positive results, and in the local community , especially among youngsters that a part have the possibility to confront with youngster from other countries , to speak foreigner languages will also informed in a peer to peer way about the possibilities offered by EVS and Erasmus+ programme and will maybe participate in the future.



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