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Intercultural dialogue
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The question of receiving or not receiving refugees in Poland can be considered as the one of the hottest issues of debate in the contemporary Polish social discourse. The overwhelming majority of asylum-seekers/refugees after arriving to Poland spend first time in refugee centers and have really limited knowledge about Polish culture, traditions and their opportunities in the new society. After leaving a center, they have a little contact with local people and unwillingly integrate into Polish society. On the other hand, the local people get a little information about asylum seekers/refugees/immigrants just from social media and have no opportunity to talk with them informally. There are three main project objectives:1. Provide volunteers with an opportunity to learn methods of successful promotion of multiculturalism and develop their communication, critical thinking and social perceptiveness skills that are crucial for the work with groups at risk of social exclusion. 2. Raise awareness and tolerance of polish society to asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants and support intercultural dialogue.3. Make a contribution to social inclusion of asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants into polish society. All candidates aged 18 to 30 are eligible to apply for the volunteer program. Eligible candidates for two actions of the project should be interested in European affairs and volunteering, have a good communication skills and basic command of English, be open to work in multicultural environment and be motivated to work with/for asylum seekers/refugees/immigrants. For every action of the project we are going to host 4 volunteers from Italy, Georgia and Turkey. We will encourage young people with fewer opportunities, for instance, people with family conflicts, negative peer pressure, poverty, abuses and neglect to apply for the volunteering in our organization. We plan to organize together with volunteers a series of socio-cultural animations between local people and foreigners. We plan to support intercultural dialogue by conducting of 18 socio-cultural animations with Poles and asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants for discussing a number of topics that would be interested for everyone (e.g. religion, traditions, legal issues, habits, art therapy, cooking etc.). We are going to involve about 160 foreigners and local people in this activity.A logical continuation of the socio-cultural animation will be production of short documentary movies about asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants’ life in Poland. We provide volunteers with the opportunity to learn the basics of video editing and movie making in order to create 8 series of short movies on the topic related to asylum-seekers/refugees. We will use non-formal education methods and multimedia tools for implementation of the project goals. The project intends to develop volunteers’ practical knowledge and improve their critical thinking and social perceptiveness skills that are essential for the future career. We believe that the project helps to create a forum for polish people to talk informally with foreigners on different topics and as a result, it contributes to raise awareness and tolerance in polish society.



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