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Intercultural dancing food
Date du début: 31 mai 2016, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals / Youth Exchanges - Partner CountriesVenue: Bitola, Macedonia Date: 23.09 - 30.09.2016Countries involved: Denmark, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia.The goal of this project is to gather young people from different countries and to promote what can be found in common, so they can find similarities among them and feel as one. The main aim of this project is to involve young people into process of inter cultural learning on different music, clothes, tradition, culture and food. With this project we want to fill the void between our countries and learn more about the similarities and the differences between our cultures. This project is exploring cultural diversity through material heritage such as folk music, songs, traditional clothes and foods. It tends to offer young people a multicultural environment in which they can live and work together, and also explore the music, tradition, foods, traditional clothes, cultures of each of the countries involved. Thus, multiculturalism and cultural diversity are central elements of this youth exchange.Our Youth Exchange is giving opportunity to our participants of:• Networking with organizations from different countries;• Creating a group that blends by their culture and customs;• Introducing a larger number of the other young people with the idea of cultural diversityObjectives:• To foster mutual understanding between people through their rapprochement;• Transferring the European culture;• Promoting the European values;• Straitening the feeling of being the part of European Community;• Promoting culture and healthy lifestyle in the country life;• Promoting the ERASMUS + Programme among a larger number of young people from the local communitiesNumber of participants: 47The working methods are based on non-formal learning and group work. This includes team organization, practical presentation, discussions, group work on preparing foods, data collecting and summarizing. The workshops will be filled with active dialogs, games and various methods, all in order to get to know the richness in our cultures. The non-formal education workshops will cover the topics of prejudices and stereotypes, inter cultural learning and others. They will be aimed at developing the group cohesion and building personal improvement of the young participants as individuals.It is expected that these activities will contribute towards development of young people interpersonal skills such as team work, communication skills, inter cultural cooperation etc. They are also aimed at supporting young people as active and responsible social citizens, particularly in the European context. We would like to make young people start thinking about their own place in the society, their rights and obligations.We have planned to create a booklet as a final product of the youth exchange. The booklet will be planned and prepared together with the participants; and will serve as a promotional material for the project results. It will contain the recipes from the national foods, the pictures from the events and from the traditional clothes, the lyrics from every traditional folk songs of each culture promoted by the participants during the workshops. It will represent a real cultural diversity and the process of socialization; containing richness gathered from different countries and expressing also the efforts, ideas and initiatives of young people. In addition, the booklet will be also used for promotion of the ERASMUS+ Programme.



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