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Intercultural competence in VET for wood, metal and vehicle industry
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

More people than ever before are seeking asylum in EU. Government Offices and other agencies are working intensively to increase the capacity of the reception and the establishment of new arrivals and solve the great challenges that exist. But no country can handle this challenge alone. It is a need of shared responsibility between the countries of the EU. This project will develop tools for intercultural competence for VET staff and work based mentors to facilitate the transition for refugees to employment as e.g. woodworker, vehicle mechanics and industrial workers in industries that demand labour. It is a win-win situation if bottle necks can be reduced for the large number of new arrivals to get jobs in the industry that has a great need for workers. VET is one important puzzle piece for integration and will face new challenges for many years to come. By using e-learning methods and Internet technologies to deliver knowledge that can contribute to intercultural competence and perspective in VET for wood, metal and vehicle industry training it utilises knowledge concerning Intercultural competence. The project is designed to take advantage of the partnership experiences and ideas for vocational education and training in particular, from work-based learning. We have all have something to learn from each other’s best practices in this urgent situation. To exchange ideas, experiences, know-how and good practices to find key elements for intercultural know-how that can be implemented in VET learning.



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