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Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Intercultur(E)ality is a multi action project with the aim of fight against all kind of racisms, intolerance, extremism movements, through non formal education and media education. This project promotes also active tolerance and intercultural learning. This project has one TC which involves 9 association from LV,PT,EE,SK,MK,FR,ES,IT and one school from Bulgaria, and also one YE which involves 5 association from the same partnership (PT,EE,MK,ES,IT).through the TC, this project wants to empower youth workers with competencies for designing activity on intercultural learning based on NFE at local and international level.the YE represents a concrete action of promotion of active tolerance and intercultural learning which will make participants support this values. Big emphasis will be given to the media education which will allow participants to develop competencies on critical reading and on the role of media in the field of human rights.general aims of the project are: -combine intercultural learning and media education with the aim of fight against intolerance-increase competences of youth workers in designing and facilitate activities of intercultural learning- to promote media literacy through NFE- to make young people more active in the promotion of active tolerance and act as multipliers of this value- to strength the cooperation between youth association and participants in order to cooperate in the future on intercultural learning activities through brainstorming, simulation, theatre and role playing participants will deepen phenomena like xenophobia, racism and discrimination, they will learn about cultural diversity and main factors that brings to stereotypes and prejudices. Through media literacy participants will know how to understand media products and will develop competencies in critical reading. participants will work in group in order to make online campaign for the promotion of active tolerance and public events to promote human rights.



9 Participants partenaires