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InterCrea - Proiect pentru o scoala europeana
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

”InterCrea – a project for a European school” is put forward by the “Nicolae Iorga” Highschool from Botosani, Romania. Our school has 120 members of the teaching staff and 1600 students ranging from kindergarten to upper secondary school. Following the institutional assessment activity, in our school we have identified the need for using new interactive and creative strategies in the whole school work by developing the teachers’ professional competences and abilities, as well as a highly motivating curriculum for students and enhancing the European and international dimensions of the school. Thus, the aims of our project are as follows: using new modern creative and active teaching strategies, increasing the impacting of using ICT in education, boosting the quality of the extracurricular activities of the school, widening and increasing the quality of the curricular offer of the school, developing communication skills and the students’ and teachers’ self-esteem, increasing interest in the European dimension of the school. Such aims derive naturally from the long-term institutional project of our school as a European school. Achieving such aims will be possible through the participation in training mobilities of a number of 13 members of the staff in the school, through workshops organized by them addressed to all school staff, through setting up a cross-curricular topic club, through designing new inter-subjects optional classes, as well as through organizing common TPS (teacher-parent-student) activities and starting 6 eTwinning partnerships. The impact we envisage refers to the staff’s personal and professional development, an increase in the students’ interest in academic training, the students’ and parents’ involvement in the school life, together with the European dimension of the institution. In the long run, we expect to broaden the teachers’ and students’ minds regarding European and international activities and to improve the quality of the education we provide in our school.