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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project EXCHANGE IN A RURAL WORLD will be held in Villada, in the municipality of Palencia, Spain, belonging to the region's traditional Tierra de Campos, traditionally dedicated to agriculture and at present in the services sector and small industries. Arises as an initiative of the Department of youth and Culture of the City of Villada, to promote the values of coexistence, tolerance, solidarity, participation and intercultural learning. This project aims to stimulate an exchange in our village, a reciprocity and a shock between young people from other countries and cultures with the youth of our people, as the collective of older very significant in Villada, and, in short, with the people in general , with which our young europeans are going to live together, participating in the regular schedule municipalities in the area of socio-cultural, leading to an enriching exchange. We also wish to bring youth villadinos, and the surrounding towns, the possibilities that Erasmus+ offers. In the project involving volunteers from different countries with a similar age and knowledge of culture and Spanish language. So our volunteers will participate in activities related to, and addressed to the following areas: Training: knowing the reality , the aspects and activities of the town, participating in workshops and training courses on EVS and learning Spanish. Social: working in the Residence of the third age and in Kindergarten, with children from 0 to 3 years. Cultural and environmental activities related to the heritage of civil, religious, and ethnographic, Camino de Santiago, natural area, recreational, popular festivities; animation Library-Telecentre, and in the building socio-cultural place where the headquarters of the associations of the locality and training programmes during the year. Youth and sports : extracurricular activities, sports and active leisure and free time, with children and young people; in the Playroom, and in the summer school. The program is flexible and dynamic, which means that the activities can vary depending on the events and the volunteers working in different sectors. These activities are going to have an additional element of education for the volunteers, and the acquisition of new experiences, skills, knowledge, key to the development of his person and future professional. You are going to have a lifelong learning in non-formal education and informal, and we believe that a significant entity that will be reflected in the Youthpass. We want young people to consider Europe as a unity of which we are a part and to achieve this end it is necessary to approach to the different cultures that coexist in Europe, assessing the similarities and differences in a positive and enriching, developing respect, tolerance and multiculturalism.



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