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Intercambio de Conocimientos Artísticos a través de la Entrevista
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is based upon the research on art and design-related institutions similar to the School of Art “Casa de las Torres” by using the interview as the means to collect information. The participants are the students and teachers interested in the project, the management team and the teaching departments. The participants taking part in the mobility will be three and will be selected by the School Board according to their degree of implication in the tailoring and launching of the project, their artistic competence and their competence in English. The teachers involved will work following a methodology based on online interviews and interviews in situ as models to research on artistic and pedagogical practices. The activities previous to the mobility are aimed at improving the linguistic competence in English and at learning art terminology by the participants. We will also create a list of art schools in European countries and conduct interviews via video conferencing. During the mobility, the activities include the observation of good practice and face-to-face interviews in the target school, and visits to local workshops or businesses. After the mobility, the activities will focus on the transmission of the acquired knowledge, the translation into English of the school web page and the integration of an “Erasmus +” section in it. The development of the project will allow us to enrich our artistic knowledge and improve our linguistic competence in English and, especially, to put this knowledge into practical use. The project’s impact will be positive if it leads to increase the motivation of the students and the teachers involved, if it fosters the acquisition of new artistic and linguistic knowledge and if it contributes to the integration of the participants in different ways of life and cultures. The project will result in enhanced capacity to collaborate among different institutions to develop future international projects and improved prestige and quality of the school.



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