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Interanational dimensions of culture
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Leadership of primary school in Želovce is very interested in improving of quality and reputation of the school and this is the reason why supports its employees to expand their skills and knowledge. Therefore encourages its employees to participate in a variety of innovative and updating programs. Our institution is not only emphasises on interactive learning but also promotes children's attitude to nature, that is why participates mainly in environmental projects. School leadership sets out an obligation to use in the teaching - learning process innovative methods, creative forms of learning that will be provable contribution to education and positive motivation towards student education. The organization places great emphasis on teaching foreign languages. As a tool for self-evaluation and support for learning, the European Language Portfolio is used on these lessons. The aim is to eliminate memorization and focus on training and development of linguistic competences with respect to the different learning styles of the pupil. It is oriented on various forms of experiential learning, natural and entertaining forms of learning foreign languages, which are more motivating for pupils. It focuses also on various forms of experiential learning, natural and entertaining forms of learning foreign languages, which are more motivating for students. For this reason, we want to send two teachers of foreign languages, because we believe that, based on his own personal experience can give to students better information about the English culture. Of course they will bring knowledge from educational road and other available materials (for example Magazines, board games, fairy tales - books, ...)Concepts such as multiculturalism, cultural diversity in the recent literature often mentioned, but most teachers use information on these topics from various books and textbooks. Our teachers not had the opportunity of personal experience with a visit to the British Isles. We think that teachers who visited the country are professionally more qualified to talk about the culture of the country, as someone who derives all the information available from the literature. Also considers it highly positive use of authentic materials that teachers can use for teaching purposes such as various games, magazines, postcards and other souvenirs that are connected with the country. One very important part of teaching for pupils is to use a comparison of different colloquial terms that are bound to the area or region in which they are used. Also from this point of view is for us an interesting visit to Ireland, as well as teachers acquire such knowledge, which can also be used for foreign language teaching. Our organization is currently trying to pay attention not only to new teaching methods but international cooperation between schools. These starting projects include the use of eTwinning. In the future we plan to continue in this activity. The interest of our organization is to get the name of our school in the awareness of parents in the area, because Nowadays is as small vilage´s schools must seek to increase the quality of their teachers and teaching. To contacted by the greatest number of parents who are considering the choice of school for their child. We want to prove that even a small school in the village can compete with large urban schools to offer their students the highest quality education with an interesting form. Competition in the labor market is large and therefore we would like to give our students the opportunity of direct contact with foreign languages and cultures and facilitate their eventual path to further study or work abroad. The target group is not only to our foreign language teachers as well as pupils whose increasing knowledge of foreign language (which may be mediated only by teachers who are equally inclined to learning about new cultures and countries) can help to a better position in the future. An important fact that we would not like to omit the high unemployment rate in the district Veľký Krtíš in which it falls village Želovce. An important fact that we would not like to omit the high unemployment rate in the district Big Krtíš in which it falls village Želovce Therefore, we think that it is important to appeal to students to consider their future options of the labor market, which, thanks to an active foreign language skills , increase.