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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

According to a survey in 2012 done by Turkish Statistical İnstute (TSI),47.2 percent of households has Internet Access.Information technology sector is rapidly developing in recent times under theinfluence of advertising and interactive agencies have stardet to take place in the advertising indrusty.Interactive marketing,both sides communication and interaction between the customer and the brand is creating interactive experiences that aim to change the behavior of target audiences,customer-oriented web sites,e- commerce,such a Technologies aiming to provide positive solutions is a way of marketing the path. The IT sector which is in the area of marketing and interactive marketing sector organized our country’s largest and most comprehensive international trade fair last 7 year in Turkey The theme of this year’s summit,”interactive economy and the growing Turkey”.( According to a survey, which is published by Forrester “ U.S Interactive Marketing Forecast ,2009 to 2014”. Marketing spending is expected to reach $ 65 billion )in 2014 which is currently around $ 25 billion, in the next 5 years,social media deals with Interactive marketing techniques an average of 34%per year,27% Mobile Marketing , Email Marketing is an average 11% Display Advertising is 17% and Search Engine Marketing is expected to grow 15% per year.The largets share of the pie is $ 15 billion belongs to. Search engine marketing . This fiqure is expected to reach 31.5 billion dollars in 2015 . With the distance of 36 km between Manisa and Izmir;Manisa industrial,agricultural and tourism sectors have the status of a highly developed and latest arrengaments made in the big city,the second-largest city in the Ageon Region and elected the best investment place in Europe two-times.Our city has a lot of the World’s giant brands such as,(Bosh, Schneider Electric , Vestel, Ferrero, Silk Raper,Pearl Battery,ECA,Standard Profile,existing 196 large-scale factories) which has a large organized industrial zone.In this case, the inter-elements of our city raiesed the need for manpower is increasing.İncreasing prodiction sector turned its different marketing techniques has let to deficit of qualifed personnel.The outcame of this Project will respond to this need in the market In addition,the overseas,experience,vision improved,team spirit,knowledge of foreign languages aim to educate people in the developed World. Each year, Manisa Vocational High Schooland Gaziemir Seydiköy Vocational High School’s 350 student internship in the 126 different companies fort he students of Marketing and Information Technology formed groups 40 people in the Interactive Marketing Techniques,Internet use and e-commerce volume of the 82% of the 233 billion pounds in the UK and Europe's largest internet population, with the number of 70 million of upcoming user taking place just behind England, second largest e-commerce market in Germany, by 2 internships with 40 students will contribute to the need for qualified people in the industry.



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