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Interactive Networked Experiences in Multimedia for You (iNEM4U)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2008, Date de fin: 31 mars 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a perfect world, networked electronic media enable individuals and groups of users to share their interactive media experiences in an intuitive and seamless manner, regardless of their choice of device and networks.The main problem is that the landscape of networked multimedia consists of a number of non-interoperable technology islands. Examples are the consumer electronics devices in the home and different kinds of network and service environments for mobile, IPTV, and broadcast usage. The root cause is that these islands were designed for different types of users, services, content, and devices. This is for instance exemplified by differences in metadata formats, user identities and communities. The goal of iNEM4U is to find solutions for these problems. These will support amongst others:•\tDelivery of interactive multimedia content and services across technology domains•\tSeamless integration of professional and user-generated multimedia content across devices and locations•\tPersonalised interaction with multimedia services and content•\tSynchronous community-based content and experience sharing•\tOpen (collaborative) business models.iNEM4U will design, prototype and evaluate a distributed service infrastructure that supports these goals. To accomplish this, the project will extend and combine existing services from different technology domains, such as Web 2.0, IMS, peer-to-peer and IPTV services. In particular, iNEM4U will investigate innovative solutions in three areas: new generic services that facilitate cross-domain interoperability (identity management, media synchronisation and metadata integration), user-centric services for enhanced shared media experiences (context-dependent cross-domain recommendation system, community management), and business models that provide benefits for the entire content distribution value chain.



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