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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project summary Title of the project: InterACT+Period and number of volunteers:01.09.2016-31.08.2017 – 3 volunteers01.09.2017-31.08.2018 – 3 volunteersVenue: Chemnitz/ Germany InterACT+, it’s time to act! InterACT+ addresses all young people from 18 to 30 years who are willing to gain new experience and skills and to enrich their professional and personal competences. It’s the aim of the project to offer the chance for volunteers to interACT with the environment, to focus on nature and science themes, ecological subjects, social education, multiculturalism and lifelong learning.In the individual personal development process we actively promote participatory processes and provide opportunities to learn more about Saxony and the city of Chemnitz. Volunteers will do their own experiences for 12 months in one of the following project parts:1. InterACT+/ Environment: It takes place in the “solaris for Young People and Environment (solaris Jugend-und Umweltwerkstätten)”. It’s a place of non-formal learning for children and adolescents in the fields of science, environment, ecology, technical issues and ICT. Participants are children of different social background including young refugees.2. InterACT+/ Games: It takes place in the “German Games Museum”. The volunteers will have common organizational and administrative activities in this cultural institution. The activities are related to the opening hour’s, the activities with visitors and special expositions or projects in different places. A few non-formal learning activities use games and gamification as methods of learning, communication and interaction in the society. 3. InterACT+/Multigeneration: The activities take place in the multicultural environment of the ’Multigeneration house’. The coexistence of generations in an intergenerational approach offers open activities for families, offers assistance for school problems, kindergarten support, holiday projects or community awareness regarding racism and children behavior. It also deals with refugees issues and assist them for their integration into the society. Project further objectives: - Vocational orientation to strengthen the motivation of the volunteers for education and to improve the career planning process- Development and implementation of various methods of non-formal education- Offer of an opportunity to initiate, develop and implement new ideas and own small projects- Support and encouragement to acquire new skills and competences in the fields of social inclusion and tolerance for people with less opportunities or special needs; active youth participation; cultural diversity as well as non-formal educational methods and tools.- Strengthening of the collaboration of different institutions (local administration, youth organizations, politicians) for local success of the European Voluntary Service.- Improvement of the trust in European programs and mobility of young people among EuropeTo achieve such objectives and expected results of the project some activities will take place to support the social and cultural integration. During the first weeks of the project all organizational information regarding accommodation, food, working methods and financial aspects will be explained and clarified. Together with the volunteers work plans will be developed in order to involve them directly in the elaboration of the work tasks. At the beginning volunteers will visit the whole organization and have information about leisure opportunities, the surroundings and some events within the community.Throughout the project the personal development of the volunteers will be under main focus. InterACT+ will be a framework in which volunteers can gain experience in various assisted activities and projects developed by themselves in different fields with a good impact to their social and civic competences.Project activities are combined with personal reflection and with individual training sessions to develop specific competencies and skills besides personal promoting marketing. The indifference of the society with the mentality of people to be focused only on their own personal issues (look away on others problems), the anonymity of big cities, poor professional and educational recognition, educational failures and marginalization are factors that should determine attitudes. One proper attitude is to encourage the European volunteering and its values.



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