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Inter-university Start-up centers for students’ innovations development & promotion
Date du début: 15 oct. 2012,

The project main idea is to develop training courses and distance learning system to increase business activity and creativity of university students, and to organize an informational support of their start-up projects in the frames of Start-up centers established at the universities. This will help students to gain knowledge and experience in innovation business, intellectual property rights protection, real-world business projects development, sustainable relationships with domestic and foreign investors and partners.The expansion of business relations is mutually beneficial for both students and employers because it allows to increase creativity and practical value of university graduates, and provide an influx of new ideas into innovation business in PCs.Specific objectives of the project include establishment of inter-university Start-up centres and cooperation network between consortium members based on international academic and professional experience; modernization of engineering and computer science study programs and creation of methodology and training courses for creativity and competence improvement in innovations development, presentation and promotion; establishment of system of training for trainers and LLL and retraining in the field of innovation policy development in PCs. We propose to establish 4 Start-up centers in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova; to organize interactive international Informational-Analytical network for innovation projects and ideas support, WEB-portal for Start-Up Centers communication and e-platform for distance learning; to provide Start-up Crash Tests to evaluate the strength of innovation ideas; to develop methodology, and teaching material for 5 courses including e-learning components for innovations development, presentation and promotion; to put these courses in selective part of engineering and computer science curricula and in Start-up Centre training activities for students, teachers, LLL trainees, business managers.



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