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Inter-Mediate – training course on intercultural social mediation
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Social change has always been a process provoking tensions and clashes of interest. Introducing new cultures, combating exclusion of marginalised groups, supporting communication and cooperation of sides that for a long time were not willing to approach each other with respect and openness – all those issues are just steps in a long and challenging process of changing society and making it a comfortable and inclusive place for all people willing to be a part of it. This process, however, is not always quiet and peaceful, but often goes through severe conflicts and disputes. It requires a great deal of skills and competence to facilitate those conflicts and help the parties reach a solution that will lead them to the direction of dialogue, not confrontation.The aim of ‘Inter-Mediate – training course on intercultural social mediation’ is to equip 35 youth workers and representatives of third sector from 12 countries ( The United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Poland) with tools necessary for successful facilitation of conflicts arising on cultural, religious, political, or identity-related backgrounds. During 7 days of training they will have an opportunity to learn how to use mediation and negotiation – methods efficiently used in international business relations – in order to support communication process and resolve disputes arising between conflicted groups. It is already proven on an international and national business level that mediation is the most efficient tool for bringing hostile parties together and supporting them in finding common grounds and interests. Participants will learn how to identify various types of conflicts (conflict of values, generations, structures, relations, access to information etc.) arising on multicultural background and will explore different methods of resolving them. The training will be focused on practice and simulations in order to provide the best learning environment and to enable participants to experience different conflicts that can arise in their daily work. Youth workers will be challenged to both act as mediators and to experience the attitudes and emotions of conflicted sides. Simulations will be based on real-life conflicts that are currently present in Europe in order to find solutions and recommendations that can be later implemented in other countries and environments.As a result of ‘Inter-Mediate’ training course participants will have basic skills and competences necessary to serve as social mediators in their communities and through patience and joint effort to support and facilitate social change in intercultural environment. In a long-runt they will be able to contribute as facilitators in intercultural conflicts in Europe and abroad and to help relieve the tensions between immigrants and citizens of their host countries.



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