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Inter-Kulturale - Ireland - Albania
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the Irish branch of Service Civil International (SCI) and PVN is the Albanian branch. As branches of the same international peace and solidarity network we have shared values and aims. We have worked with each other to exchange volunteers for example and we would like to extend this to implement an EVS project together. VSI will send two young people age 18-30 from Ireland to volunteer on the EVS programme for 12 months in Albania based in Tirana and hosted by Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare (PVN). The project aims to enhance the employability of young people through non-formal and in-formal learning. We aim to promote the young people’s learning about Albania as a country partnering the EU and to learn about its culture and people; to increase the young people’s professional as well as their social and personal skills to increase their employability and personal development. The project objectives are to provide opportunities for young people from each of the participant countries to meet and engage with each other, increase their awareness and understanding of each other's cultures and countries, increase their active citizenship and participation in society, enhance their employability and develop their sense of European citizenship and identity and to provide learning opportunities between an EU and partner country. We also wish to enhance and develop the participant organizations' capacities in international youth work, exchanging volunteers and intercultural learning and exchange. The volunteers’ activities will include providing information and holding discussions in non-formal education settings on active citizenship, entrepreneurship, employment, social inclusion, human rights, interculturalism, outdoor and sport activities to young students in high-schools and universities. The volunteers will also help in a cultural centre recently established by PVN, informing young people who visit about the centre services and how to use them. Issues and needs addressed through this project are the high levels of youth unemployment in Ireland and Albania; young people’s lack of awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, low levels of active citizenship and participation in society; low levels of knowledge about Europe and a sense of European citizenship and identity. The project will increase the volunteers’ awareness and understanding of another culture and country, improve their language skills, develop their sense of European citizenship and identity, increase their active citizenship and participation in society and enhance their employability. The young people in Albania will have increased knowledge and experience and they will be more informed, open minded, engaged and active within their schools/universities and society. The project will develop the capacities of both organizations in international youth work and enable us to improve our programmes and activities to better respond to the needs of young people in both Europe and partner countries. VSI and PVN will develop a stronger relationship with each other and gain experience in collaborating with each other. These impacts are both short and long term and we hope to develop this project in the future and to develop future projects in Erasmus +.



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