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Inter culturalité, mise en réseau et écocitoyenneté sur la région de Brioude.
Date du début: 4 août 2014, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The " Inter -cultural, network and eco-citizenship on the region Brioude " will last 11 months and will take place in Brioude , the city of 8,000 inhabitants in the Auvergne, region of France . Voluntary , Anke Fritsch of Germany, will perform the following activities : - Working within the structures as Café Lecture (bar service and activities) - Brin de Ficelle (playing with the children) - (activities in a youth center) - High school in Brioude (language courses) - Organization of concerts / cultural events with Musikado team - management and working in a community garden - Video projects With this project the organization Musikado wants to promote active citizenship of young people and their European citizenship in particular , as well as enhancing mutual understanding between young people from different countries. The mission of the volunteer will be to promote Europe and the various European cultures and encourage young people to participate in the life of their community and the European mobility programs , encourage the local community to integrate an intercultural dimension in their activities ( local , schools, associations). Through its voluntary activities, a voluntary will be required to transmit his culture. He is privileged to approach the youth and encourage them to explore other realities and to participate in community activities or solidarity that are established by Musikado , Café Lecture and other associations in Brioude . The activities and the presence of the voluntary will bring a European dimension to the life of the city and let make the new projects with a European issue at the local level (eg with teachers ) and European level ( youth participation in EVS abroad or youth groups to a European exchange).



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