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“INTER-CONNECTION-2012; Effect of Butterfly” Training Course on Global Awareness
Date du début: 1 mai 2012,

The project “INTER-CONNECTION-2012; Effect of Butterfly” Training Course on Global Awareness is aimed at exploring the concept of "Interconnectedness" on different levels; society, culture, nature, universe, personal. It explores the deep levels of the connection and relations of human beings and environment, the reflections on the concept of Interconnectedness in various spiritual traditions, as well as the answers that youth work can give to the solution of Global Issues & Cooperation. It explores the methodological solutions on how to promote global awareness and international mobilization for solution of global environmental challenges through international youth activities (inparticular those of Youth in Action Programme) and community work in EVS projects.The project will be held in Aghavnadzor (Armenia) on August 6 - 15, 2012 and youth workers and youth leaders from 11 Programme Countries and EECA countries will take part in it (Finland, Armenia, UK, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Greece).The specific objectives of the training course are:A. Create a shared vision amongst the participants on the issue of global inter-connectedness, as well as the meaning of this concept on other levels namely, social, technological, human-nature relations etc.B. Share and develop tools and methods aimed at raising the global awareness of young people, to enrich the participants with new insights from different cultural, religious, philosophical traditions related to the concept of inter-connectedness.C. To create a space for reflection on the ways/methods youth work can address global issues in very disadvantaged social/cultural environments (rural and disadvantaged urban areas).D. To mobilize the participants for development and realization of project initiatives aimed at raising the global awareness of young people, contribution to the solution of global challenges and deepening of inter-Cultural and inter-Religious dialogue and respecting Cultural Diversity.The methodological framework used will be based on the approaches and values of non-formal education. The course is participants-based and entirely participant-oriented, experiences and contributions from participants constitute and inherent part of the programme.



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