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Inter-cluster initiative to target the future challenges for the European polymer converting industry (CLUSTERPLAST)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2009, Date de fin: 30 juin 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"In order to set-up and implement coherent economical development strategies, it is essential for the European Polymer Converting Industry to structure and support its economical development on the basis of its local/regional clusters. CLUSTERPLAST will aim to achieve such a goal through the setting-up of a Joint Action Plan dedicated to support actions common to 6 European regions. The project will make profit from the experience of 4 existing research-driven clusters. These clusters all comprise the triangle research – business – local/regional authority acting as motor of the cluster activities. CLUSTERPLAST will make profit from the experience of these 4 existing clusters by promoting the creation of 3 new clusters.A review on the main actors in the Business, Research and Regional/Local authorities, on R&D financial instruments, Technology Roadmaps, Projects and Initiatives will support an increased awareness, the furthering of networking of dissemination activities, the technology transfer between regional entities and clusters, and the launch of joint initiatives and projects. This review will further enable the benchmarking and the identification of best practices and its dissemination between clusters. The increased awareness will also support the identification of further opportunities, cross actions and a further interaction between the entities of the Innovation system, providing for: (1) a proficient use of the available capacities, competencies and knowledge at European scale; (2) an efficient selection and resort to funding instruments; (3) the further valorization of R&D results. In this framework, the development of a Joint Action Plan will constitute the major deliverable towards this end. In last analysis, these initiatives will address to the furthering integration of R&D and Scientific Activities at European Scale, avoiding overlapping and exploiting complementarities, in compliancy with the ERA Objective."



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