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Intelligent URBAn eNergy tool (iURBAN)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

iURBAN proposes to develop and validate a software platform that will integrate different ICT energy management systems (H/W and S/W) in two European cities.This intelligent URBAn eNergy tool will provide useful data to a novel decision support system that will make available the necessary parameters for the generation and further operation of new business models. These business models will contribute at a global level to efficiently manage and distribute the energy produced and consumed at a local level (city or neighbourhood), incorporating behavioural aspects of the users into the software platform and in general prosumers (entity that consumes and produces energy).To create such a tool, iURBAN will develop a SMART urban Decision Support System (smartDSS), i.e. a customized energy management and control platform in the framework of a city. The smartDSS will allow for scalability and incorporate a two-level Decision Support System:• Local Decision Support System (LDSS). It will engage consumers and prosumers by capturing near real-time data related to their energy consumption, as well as production from their installed Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and displaying it on a user-friendly interface via smart phones, tablets, PCs, etc.• Centralized Decision Support System (CDSS). It will aggregate data from all LDSSs to provide city-level decision support to authorities and energy service providers. The CDSS will generate a number of parameters, including city-wide energy production and consumption forecasts.A methodology for the validation and evaluation of the impacts resulting from the deployment of the iURBAN smartDSS will be developed. This methodology will be based on widely used IPMVP protocols and will include a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis using social and economic Key Performance Indicators. Thus, this methodology will aid in the future exploitation of the system by demonstrating the system's ROI and its potential as a powerful political tool.



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