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Intelligent System Development Platform for Intelligent and Sustainable Society (IMPReSS)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the IMPRESS project is to provide a Systems Development Platform which enables rapid and cost effective development of mixed criticality complex systems involving Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) and at the same time facilitates the interplay with users and external systems. The IMPRESS development platform will be usable for any system intended to embrace a smarter society. The demonstration and evaluation of the IMPRESS platform will focus on energy efficiency systems addressing the reduction of energy usage and CO2 footprint in public buildings, enhancing the intelligence of monitoring and control systems as well as stimulating user energy awareness.The IMPRESS project aims at solving the complexity of system development by providing a holistic approach that includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), middleware components, and a deployment tool. The main technical and scientific objectives of the IMPRESS project are:• Developing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to facilitate Model-Driven Development of Smarter Society Services.• Providing a Service-Oriented Middleware to support Mixed Criticality Applications on Resource-Constrained Platforms.• Developing easy-to-use and configurable tools for Cloud-based Data Analysis and Context Management.• Develop Network and Communication management solution to handle the heterogeneity of Internet of Things.• Creating efficient Deployment Tools for Internet of Things applications.The project will be deployed in the Teatro Amazonas Opera House as an attractive showcase to demonstrate the potential of a smart system for reducing energy usage and CO2 footprint in an existing public building.The IMPRESS platform re-uses and extends results from several existing EU projects on Internet of Things, middleware and energy efficiency and builds on Open Source platforms. The IMPRESS project is carried out by a consortium already experienced with successful EU-Brazil collaboration.



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