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Intelligent Dynamics for fully electric vehicles (ID4EV)
Date du début: 1 juin 2010, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of the ID4EV project is to develop energy efficient and safe brake and chassis systems for the needs of fully electric vehicles and the improvement of active safety and comfort for a faster introduction of fully electric vehicles. These systems will be optimized to the requirements for FEVs. Beside the development and optimization of the most relevant sub-systems of a vehicle with regard to active safety and comfort, the brake and the chassis system, optimization on vehicle level will done with a new approach of a network system as well as new HMI concepts for FEVs.Electrified auxiliaries like the brake systems and the chassis will lead to new possibilities to vehicle control and a better cooperative interaction between these distributed systems. For a fast introduction of fully electric vehicles these systems have to be safe and must have a defined fail safe concept. The aim is to provide absolute safe electrified brake and chassis systems that lead to a high user/customer acceptance. To reach this safety approach the target is to adapt existing systems to the requirements of fully electric vehicles.The project will concentrate on the topics of energy efficiency, safety and the interaction between the vehicle, the optimized systems and the driver.To address both possibilities of drivetrain concepts of fully electric vehicles, both concepts will take into account and their impact of the adapted systems will be analysed and solutions presented.To reach a significant breakthrough of fully electric vehicles the adapted systems will be tested on test benches and under real world conditions in demonstrator vehicles to ensure the functionality and to prove the safety.



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