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Integrative Computational Materials Engineering Expert Group (ICMEG)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Scope of this proposal is to establish a network of stakeholders - an ""Integrative Computational Materials Engineering expert group (""ICMEg"") - aiming at the creation of an open, global standard for information exchange between a heterogeneous variety of commercial and academic simulation tools.The vision of the ICMEg proposal isa new strategy of materials and process development, where a variety of academic and commercial simulation tools – present and future – can be easily combined across different process steps and bridging several length scales in a “plug&play” type architecture being based on an object oriented, standardized information exchange. Multi-scale in this context covers electronic, atomistic,mesoscopic and continuum modelsThe Mission of ICMEg is• to establish and to maintain a network of contacts to (1) simulation software providers around the world (2) governmental and international standardization authorities (3) ICME type users of simulation software (4) different associations in the area of materials and processing (5) academic developers of simulation software• to define an ICME language in form of an open and standardized communication protocol• to stimulate knowledge sharing in the field of multiscale materials design• to communicate this standard worldwide to make it widely accepted• to discuss and to decide about future amendments to the initial standard• to establish a legal body for a sustainable further developmentThe Approach of ICMEg to realize both its vision and its mission is to create a global network of all stakeholders in the area of ICME software and users by• identifying all actors in the field of ICME related simulations• creating an inventory of these stakeholders• networking of all identified stakeholders in two international conferences• composing a directory of all available simulation approaches• establishing a common language for standardized information exchange• secure sustainable further the common language by foundation of an international association• identifying missing models and functionalities and proposing a roadmap for their development"



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