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Integration through sport
Date du début: 1 avr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Integration through sport" is a Youth exchange (YE) that will deal with the importance of Sport as an integration and educational tool for promoting social inclusion, culture understanding, human rights and competitiveness between young people in local societies.This TC will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Duration: 7 full working days activities, 2 travel days - August 06 - 14 2016.The countries involved in the project are the following: Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech republic, Slovakia, Spain in total 65 participants. The overall aim of the project is to gather together young people from countries with migration groups and show them the possibilities of integration through sport. The YE will include transfer of innovative methodologies of non formal education, creating an important educational path in between the participating countries, that through sport can improve the integration of immigrants, young people in post turbulent countries and people from different backgrounds of the local population in Europe - different minorities. In the last years we have seen many cases of poverty, violence, cultural and educational conflicts and all they are based on the lack of proper instruments for integration. Young people are one of the target groups that can settle personal example on the topics, and if they are empowered by the proper tools. We strongly believe that sport as a common language, that can be used in this direction to integrate in the society and to promote together with the education that can bring, the values of tolerance, freedom, fair play, respect and many more. Sport is useful for breaking stereotypes (facilitating the process of integration of immigrants and minorities in the society), promoting mutual understanding and inter-cultural dialogue (use Sport as an universal language) and facilitating the process of social inclusion.Bulgaria seemed to all the partners the best place in which to implement the project since it represents a perfect learning environment for participants and coincides with need in the Bulgarian society of promotion of integration due to the minorities that form 11% of the population. During the last few years the country has been also first stop of the refugees of different war conflicts, those due different reasons are not able to integrate properly in the society. We believe that this project can empower young people to promote different attitude to the fast changing reality in Europe and make them multipliers of the sport values in the process of integration through sport. This YE can also bring good practices, already used in countries and shared from the participants point of view, with success in integration of minorities and immigrants. Therefore sport values are fundamental in the third sector’s working processes, where it can be used in order to prevent the sense of intolerance, social exclusion and marginalization. One of the most important area in which we can successfully use Sport is in relation to inclusion. Regarding to this specific educational needs, carry out with this project we will promote shared experience place to exchange ideas and to strengthen the multicultural cooperation between the participants. Sport is a fighter against racism and xenophobia and it is an helper for including people with special needs, fewer opportunities or different background.Target group: young people 16 - 30 years old, with different background and experience who are interested in the topic of integration and have the vision of Europe of solidarity and integration.Learning objectives of the YE are: - To give opportunity to young people to exchange ideas and experience on the topic and give added value to their local communities in the integration processes after the exchange; - To raise knowledge and gain new experiences on Sport and outdoor activities as tools of integration and education; - To clarify the challenges of Sport as a tool for integration and education regarding to content and methodology, non formal and informal learning process, intercultural learning and impact on local community; - To create a network of motivated young people, who can act as multipliers in their local communities and between their friends to promote European values of solidarity and integration;- Raise empathy in the participants to people from minorities and with immigrant background; - Raise awareness on personal, social and professional realization of the participants. - Develop the potential of young people, with accent of young people from minorities and immigrant background within education and employment This projects totally promotes the "Erasmus+" programme priorities of solidarity and socialization of young people, raising in them empathy and combating growing problems of racism and xenophobia, and encourage the feelings of the European citizenship, tolerance, friendship and international co-operation.



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