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Integration and Identity
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Looking at the reality of contemporary Europe it becomes clear that the European motto of "United in Diversity" is becoming a more and more important topic not so much in between nations but within the nation states itself. The migration flows of the last decades let to situation in which the percentage of migrants or people with migration background living in today's Europe is on a new high and therefore raising new questions and debates about the relation between majority and minority cultures and the topic of cultural identity. The described context also leads to new challenges in youth work and the demands from various actors towards educational approaches to work with culturally diverse groups or to help the process of integration of migrants is pretty high. The seminar "Integration and Identity" will gather 28 youth workers and youth leaders active in the field of educational work with migrants or minority groups from 11 countries. Taken into account the described context the specific objectives of the proposed seminar are: • To investigate the situation and approaches in different countries in contemporary Europe regarding the challenges and chances of a culturally diverse society • To organise a critical reflection on the theoretical framework and dominant discourses about integration and the topic of cultural identity • To provide a platform for youth workers to share best practices in the work with minority groups as well as in the sensitivization of majority population regarding this topic • To develop follow up projects involving the participation of young people from minorities within the Erasmus+ program The methodological framework will be based on the approaches and values of non-formal education. The working methods will combine inputs with interactive sessions to make best use of the potential of the participant group. The seminar will equip participating youth workers and organisation with new inspirational input on innovative methodologies and practices in the thematic field of the seminar and will therefore improve the quality of their work in their local context. The theoretical reflection will provide the possibility to see the situation in their home countries in a new light and to get a new perspective on the relation between majority and minority cultures. On a long term it is planned to have a network among participating organisation, ensuring a close cooperation and the development of follow up projects in a long period of time."



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