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Integrated urban design E-studio for XXIst century sustainable metropolitan region
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This strategic partnership is to unfold an innovative transnational and cross-cultural educational programme based on the idea of the E-studio in urban design. This project will develop a transdisciplinary and international method of learning for students in architecture and urbanism to enlarge the learning environnment of the local urban design studio through the introduction of virtual learning environments (VLE) and blended mobilities. Each year, this E-studio will actively interconnect 15 students and 2 to 3 tutors from three different urban design studios with a network of experts and professionals. The combination of analysis and design training by small groups of mixed students from three different universities will allow them to develop skills in the field of communication, english language, internet technology and integrated ecosystemic planning. On the long term the E-studio platform and methodology is expected to become an international active interface improving the pedagogy and programme of architecture and urbanism curriculum. This urban design E-studio is to answer the need of training young professionnals in the field of architecture and urbanism in order to cope with the complex spatial problems faced by metropolitan regions in Europe. Our assumption is that the learning by analysis, scenario and design pedagogy is a strategic educational tools to tackle the complex economic, social and ecological problems raised by our contemporary spatial environnment. Through an intensive collaboration with public institutions and private stakeholders actively involved in the field of regional planning, infrastructure engineering and resources and energy management, this strategic partnership will allow the students and the tutors to extensively explore the potentials of a global environmental approach for European territories. In close collaboration with experts and stakeholders of the three metropolitan regions -Barcelona, Brussels, Veneto- this project will develop new training methodologies to approach urban territories as global cycles of energy, materials and water in order to efficiently grasp and manage resource consumption, waste disposal and their related externalities.



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