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Integrated territorial strategies for Services of General Interest (INTESI)
Date du début: 16 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 15 déc. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description (EN): Services of general interest (SGI) are in the competence of authorities at different levels. Up to now, authorities and the service providers tend to have a strictly sectorial approach to SGI which leads to isolated solutions, neither taking benefit of potential synergies nor optimizing the expense of public money. Therefore there is a need for a better horizontal and vertical coordination of SGI and for their inclusion into integrated territorial strategies. The main objective of Intesi is to assure the delivery of SGI in the long run via integrated, territorial strategies and policies. The Intesi project includes the following steps: 1) collection and analysis of all SGI strategies in the entire alpine space that are relevant for SGI delivery 2) regional profiles of 10 test areas (TAs) will be established in order to assess the status quo of SGI delivery and to detect challenges, needs and potentials in relation to SGI 3) A selection of new pilot activities (PA) will be implemented or existing ones supported in order to test strategies in place and to improve the offer of SGI delivery according to stakeholder needs 4) on the base of the preceeding steps, recommendations will be elaborated on how combining existing sectoral strategies into integrated territorial SGI strategies.  5) Via the Intesi think tank, SGI service providers, authorities and other relevant stakeholders will come together and exchange on SGI issues. This way the project results are fed into the implementation level and the political, strategical level. An effect which is also supported by the integration of policy relevant institutions as observers.Intesi goes, with its focus on strategy development and transfer to policies, beyond other SGI projects such as PUSEMOR and ACCESS which had the implementation of pilot activities in the center of their interest. Expected Results (EN): Level of capacity of social organisations and public authorities to deliver innovation in the field of social services and services of general interest through transnational networking Expected Outputs (EN): Thanks to the database SGI providers, public authorities and also the greater public will be informed and sensibilised on alpinewide strategies on SGI. New ideas in SGI delivery are implemented in the TAs and the local actors experience how they can be run and what is the benefit out of it. The project also introduces a new governance model and a think tank on SGI, these activities will reveal how different actors can work together in order to generate integrated strategies of SGI delivery.



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