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Integrated technologies for the discovery and development of cosmeceutical agents from plant biodiversity (NATPROTEC)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2012, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"NATPROTEC aims to discover and carry to the stage of development innovative products in the area of cosmeceuticals originating from European natural resources using emerging and environmentally friendly technologies. These objectives will be implemented through an extended and balanced scheme of researcher’s exchanges and recruitments, in both directions and via a mutual scientific project developed on the needs and interests of both Industry and Academia sectors. More specifically, NATPROTEC scientific concept involves the discovery of novel natural products (NPs) originating from the Mediterranean and Alpine biodiversity. Already existing chemical libraries will be exploited incorporating modern high throughput platforms (in silico & in vitro) for the rational and targeted selection of the optimum natural sources. Advanced analytical approaches and techniques will be applied for the efficient, accelerated and advantageous isolation and identification procedures of natural constituents as well as the quality assessment of the lead products. A broad spectrum of bioassays and novel analytical approaches will be incorporated for the evaluation of skin-protecting, anti-ageing and anti-hyperpigmenting activity of all derived products. Attention will be given to the selection of the optimum source of the biomaterial to ensure sustainability and into the development, optimisation and application of novel, “green” technologies for the production of the final lead products. Within this frame, core scientific knowledge and lead compounds for further development are expected to be produced creating valuable synergies. Expertise will be transferred by means of the seconded researchers training in environments with different dynamics and orientation where other skills are required. NATPROTEC aspires to comprise a successful model of an efficient, long-lasting collaboration between Industry and Academia for sustainable exploitation of existing know-how and produced knowledge."



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