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Integrated Smart Education in Robotics
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The changes in the manufacturing happen faster and faster. Nowadays manufacturing systems and processes are complicated. Sustainable and customized manufacturing are the main keywords to characterize nowadays manufacturing. For this purpose the new paradigm of manufacturing has been developed. It is called the new industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) where new business models, reconfigurable robot-based manufacturing, Internet of things, intelligent adaptable manufacturing processes, etc are the main topics. The new needs in manufacturing are interdisciplinary thinking, more complex and sophisticated workplaces and processes, new skills and complex knowledge, a lot of collaborative and cross-cultural competences, on-line support for decision making.Therefore we have concentrated on developing a solid supportive platform for nowadays modern manufacturing. This platform consists of high level integration of educational institutions, competence centres and companies (supportive structure); the smart intellectual outputs (modular curricula, adult training programs, case books and other case-based learning supportive tools) as a basic for offering output oriented education in robotics field. Developing the outputs we consider and use the modern teaching methods and tools for smart education. The best practices, novel approaches in education, needs of partner countries' industries, possibilities and competences of partner educational organizations are considered in development of intellectual outputs. Our direct target groups are: students of robotics of partner educational institutions who due to new curricula in robotics and case-book will be more competitive in labor market; employees attending in adult training programs in robotics and using the case-book, whom competence will raise; organizations attending in the project who gather more competence and gather more students and adults due to up-to-date programs.Indirect target groups are: companies who achieve employees with appropriate education / training and will be more competitive; other educational institutions who can use the information and experiences of the project for improving their curricula.For achieving all above-mentioned we have a good team of educational institutions (TTK, RTK, LAMK) and competence centres, doing research and training and counseling about the needs of the industry and trends in mechatroncis (IMECC, KTK). Through this consortium, education and industry are brought closer to each other.Intellectual outputs of the project are:- integrated modular curriculum for robot operator- integrated modular curriculum for robot-systems technician- different modular adult training programs- case-book for smart education.The outputs of this project that are targeted to vocational training as well as adult training, are possible to broaden also to advanced trainings for other educational institutions and offered for employees of the companies. The most interesting and attractive is the case book of smart education that is possible to use for advanced trainings and therefore the educational institutions will find new students as well as the students and company employees using the case book obtain more knowledge that makes them more competitive in labor market as well as helps companies to increase their efficiency and profitability.As human resources are one of the most important resources in the company, education that responds to the needs of the industry will provide companies with competent employees thereby increasing the productivity, effectiveness and competitiveness of the companies and the industry as a whole.



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