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Integrated photonic transceivers at sub-terahertz wave range for ultra-wideband wireless communications (iPHOS)
Date du début: 1 juin 2010, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project targets the development of compact and low power transceivers that enable wireless data transfer at sub-terahertz carrier frequencies and their application to future high data-rate short-distance communication links. The interest of the topic relies in the fact that advances in semiconductor technology, favourable spectrum policy and demand for gigabit throughput capabilities have created an opportunity for millimetre wave radio technology above 100GHz. The iPHOS research plan aims to address what has been identified as the "Achilles heel" of systems operating in this frequency range: the lack of reliable, compact low cost sources which can give rise to commercially successful products.We propose optical techniques to generate the carrier wave, enabling us to integrate a high level of functionality such as tunability of the carrier wave and modulation to superimpose data. The carrier frequency will result from beating two optical modes from dual mode laser on a high speed photodiode with an integrated antenna. The technical challenge that iPHOS is going to address is the integration of all of these elements on a single chip, including dual-wavelength sources, passive waveguide for optical couplers and connecting waveguides, electro-optical modulators for data encoding and high speed photodiode for electro-optical conversion. This challenge will require a strong effort on chip integration. In addition, advanced packaging technology will contribute to the goal of providing a compact and rugged system.The first application field targeted by iPHOS are future on-board flight entertainment systems, effort led by partner THALES. Nevertheless iPHOS impact strategy includes channeling the designs and devices obtained through licensing design libraries within the European manufacturing platforms of JePPIX and ePIXpack, opening up the possibility for other companies and consortiums to incorporate the mm-wave sources in other fields of applications.



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