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Integrated Mobile Security Kit (IMSK)
Date du début: 1 mars 2009, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The Integrated Mobile Security Kit (IMSK) project will combine technologies for area surveillance; checkpoint control; CBRNE detection and support for VIP protection into a mobile system for rapid deployment at venues and sites (hotels, sport/festival arenas, etc) which temporarily need enhanced security. The IMSK accepts input from a wide range of sensor modules, either legacy systems or new devices brought in for a specific occasion. Sensor data will be integrated through a (secure) communication module and a data management module and output to a command & control centre. IMSK will have an advanced man-machine interface using intuitive symbols and a simulation platform for training. End-users will define the overall system requirements, ensuring compatibility with pre-existing security systems and procedures. IMSK will be compatible with new sensors for threat detection and validation, including cameras (visual & infra-red); radar; acoustic and vibration; x-ray and gamma radiation and CBRNE. Tracking of goods, vehicles and individuals will enhance situational awareness, and personal integrity will be maintained by the use of, for example,. non-intrusive terahertz sensors. To ensure the use of appropriate technologies, police and counter-terrorist operatives from several EU nations have been involved in defining the project in relevant areas. Close cooperation with end-users will ensure compatibility with national requirements and appropriate interfaces with existing procedures. The effectiveness of IMSK will be verified through field trials. Through IMSK security of the citizen will be enhanced even in asymmetric situations."



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