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Integral development of cultural-historical tourism in Yambol – Strandja – Edirne regions (GATE 2 TOUR)
Date du début: 10 juil. 2011, Date de fin: 10 juil. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project strategy is based on use of potential opportunities of particular areas through implementing of following logically bounded work packages: WP 1: Project management, coordination and organization; WP 2: Analysis and strategic planning; WP 3: Pilot models for historical sites; WP 4: Knowledge management, Communication, Dissemination.The innovative elements are: pilot model to be developed for protection, socialization and utilization of historic heritage reflecting the characteristics of monuments; new group of visitors to be attracted – people interesting in archaeology; use of ICT in providing information for historical heritage. Partnership established is necessary because it combines partners’ capacities, experience and responsibilities, consolidates state power and civil initiative. The project includes activities as analysis, strategy, models, designs, innovative services, which will further provide opportunity to be implemented as a model and long-lasting impact. Achievements: The project contributed to protection, utilization and efficient use of historical heritage in the context of cross-border development as an instrument and opportunity for promotion of local identities, bridging communities and people and making the cross-border region of Yambol – Strandja – Edirne an attractive place to live and work. The main outputs of the project were: • Developed joint strategy based on analysis done for protection, socialization, efficient use and management of particular historical monuments in the cross-border region;• Elaborated designs for restoration and socialization of two historical heritage monuments in Yambol and Edirne regions, thus provided opportunity for their protection and use;• Elaborated designs for building of archaeological work-camp thus laid foundation for development of archaeological tourism in the cross-border region;• Created Network of experts, organized public events and competition for students and this way – involved local communities and especially young people in the processes of protection, socialization and utilization of historical monuments;• Provided conditions for offering contemporary tourist information services using the ICT through the Internet platform;• Promoted historical heritage – the historic monuments near village Voden (Bulgaria) and the Dolmen near Lalapasa (Turkey) through different channels.The project has been successfully accomplished in August 2012.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Turkey IPA CBC (BG-TR)
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