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Insusirea unui model european de antreprenoriat in turism
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project " Learning a European model of entrepreneurship in tourism" is the formation of professional skills for students required by hotel and tourist activities, to develop their high professionalism, initiative , insight , capacity to adapt to market demands and the dynamic evolution of the hotel services and tourism as well as the ability to operate effectively in a European tourist company. Participants are students of Technical College in “Constantin Brancusi” from Craiova, who will do a training placement at Saint Georges Hotel in Paphos , Cyprus, in two flows : first flow , April 27-May 17, 2015 , a group of 25 students of grade XI , qualifications of Technician in hotel and second flow, 18 May -7 June 2015, 25 students of class X, the fist level of Colegium with technological profile , the specialization on Tourism , condition to access for hotel worker qualification. Participants will do specific practical activities to learn professional skills and performance according to the professional standards and the curriculum : activities in different compartments of the hotel, front-office services, specific activities to in the hotel lobby , relations beetwen departments , reception, floor , restaurant, tailored services for hotel customers' needs , filling out operative documents used in hospitality unit . Tutors will assess the practical test skills acquired by each participant during the training placement and will record the acomplished professional skills and competencies and other competences in Europass Certificate . By acquiring good operational practices in the tourism industry in European countries with a professional tourism , the project will contribute to develop the professional skills and entrepreneurial skills at the European standards.



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