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Instruments at Support of Labor Market and Higher Education
Date du début: 15 oct. 2012,

Middle East and North Africa countries have been undergoing a profound change in connection with the ongoing reform of the HE system that the project aims at support by enhancing the linkages between HE institutions, economy and society overcoming fragmentation. The large-scale yet fragmented implementation of regional initiatives addressed to youth employment and labour market emphasizes the need to realign vocational training with market demand through the establishment of a full operational system. The project, implemented in Maghreb countries (Morocco and Tunisia), in strong synergies with Mediterranean initiatives (Italy, France and Spain), thus aims at the set up of an integrated demand-supply matching model for the monitoring and assessment of HE practices and processes and of labour market needs and at build up a network of observatories for the upgrading of university-enterprises partnership. The build up of the Moroccan and Tunisian national observatories, as hubs of the network, will allow the development of common and comparable monitoring tools for both the provision of comprehensive and updated decisional tools to university, firms, government and policy makers at support of the reform process in place and for promoting graduates’ employability. Valorisation of the national initiative implies the development of local observatories that, as spokes of the network, works as a “job market place” and a guidance centre for career and training, providing new practices and services together with the monitoring of enterprises skills needs. The projects is expected to have an impact of the whole socio-economic system and society envisaging both direct impacts and socio-economic externalities: the development of information networks and partnerships will empower local institutions creating channels for facilitating intra and international recruitment of workers and a better integration, through intra and international mobility, of the Maghreb region.



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