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Date du début: 14 déc. 2011,

The project attempts to contribute to social integration of the areas involved through building the administrative capacity of the respective regional entities focusing on environmental management, and specifically management of air quality. This will be done through the modernization of existing administrative structures and through the creation of a network of cooperation that will facilitate the exchange of information (in the form of training), capacities and expertise in the field of air quality management. The expected outputs of the project are: • the construction of a building in Lefkada, • the equipment of a multifunctional conventions room in the building • project visibility actions (leaflets, building signs), • adaptation and upgrading of air quality monitoring stations • air quality monitoring plan annexed to the overall environmental plan on air quality monitoring in Apulia Region, • the modernization of a car park in Apulia region, accommodating environmental friendly access to the city, promoting the low emissions traffic within the city.



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