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INSPRIATION EXCHANGE - Encouraging Active Citizenship
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of the project; .'INSPIRATION EXCHANGE" is a transnational youth initiative that aimed to support a group of young people from Ireland and Italy to strategically cooperate together and create new exciting opportunities. This small scale strategic partnership aimed to promote social inclusion and encourage active citizenship in both a local and global context. There is strong emphasis on development of innovative and creative skills and competencies in view of tackling youth unemployment and supporting the young people to become job ready. It consisted of 20 young people and their supporting youth workers coming together from Ireland ( FDYS) and Italy (Malik Cultural Association). Objectives; • to create a space for reflection and learning about our role as global citizens; that young people recognise themselves as global citizens who contribute to their community and decision making process in a positive way; • to find new and dynamic ways to contribute to our local communities and engage with the wider community: for young people to become active local and global citizens making a change in our own lives, the lives of others and the world. • Develop of sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and creative, digital and linguistic competences; increasing our capacity for employment • Develop an awareness around Health Issues and how the decisions we make affect our physical, mental and emotional health and general well being • greater participation of young people in decision making and active citizenship; • promote diversity and social inclusion: Challenge negative stereotyping of young people social inclusion. Our programme intends to build empathy and understanding amongst young people building solidarity and social inclusion. • Improve Global Citizenship Education and Intercultural Youth Practice within our youth organisations thus enhancing the over all quality of youth work • Promote awareness Erasmus Plus Opportunities for young people in our organisation and the youth work field in general There were two participating organisations: FYDS, The host & Malik Association, Partner Organisation FYDS: work with young people and adults in County Wexford to support them in realising their full potential. We encourage young people to achieve a state of personal holistic well-being by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our work is young person centred, encourages well-being, promotes equality, diversity and inclusiveness through the provision of quality youth work and takes place in a safe and trusting environment. Our non-formal education process is delivered through youth work programmes, youth and community support services, childcare and supports for volunteers. FDYS Ethos Our work with young people is a planned, systematic, non-formal educational process through which we work with voluntarily participating young people and adults. Mission: To work with young people and adults in Co. Wexford, to support them in realising their full potential, and to encourage them to take control of their own lives. MALIK ASSOCIATION works in the fields of cultural identity and cultural differences. It also promotes socio and cultural solidarity, through training and education. The main association's mission is to foster local identity and intercultural and sustainable development, through studies, research, publications, processes, reflections, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, youth exchanges, cultural activities and informal education. Main activities undertaken: Sept - Dec 2014: Exploration Phase Jan - April 2015: Creative Action May- June 2015: Prep and hosting of Transnational Meeting Wexford July 2015: Prep and hosting of Transnational Meeting Gavoi August - Dec 2015: Final reflections dissemination and showcasing of programme Results and impact attained; All participants received youth pass, we developed a resource for youth workers to share our experiences and inspire further KA2's in youth work. It also promoted the benefits of intercultural youth work in organisations and using creative methodologies for engaging young people in the exploration of their sense of citizenship and how they can connect to their communities in a positive way.



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