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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By arranging this project the city of Helsingborg will work in a context of European youth politics. Both MUCF and Erasmus+ give personnel and unemployed youngsters the possibilities to increase their knowledge, and to strive to see possibilities as well as to contribute to the free mobility in Europe. It is a political issue in all of Europe to work with young people’s employment, integration and education, both in formal and informal ways. That is what the project INSIGHT aims at. The youth unemployment is a big issue in all of the EU, and all countries within the EU has to contribute to a trend that diminishes those numbers of unemployment.We want to give our volunteers, an insight as of how we in a municipality in Sweden work with young unemployment and all the issues that can be the reason for that the young individual does not get a job.The volunteer will get an insight in how we meet young unemployed young people in our municipality in Helsingborg, that needs help and guidelines in many diverse ways. Individuals in our target-group might be recommended to participate in different programs that suites there needs, to get them more employable. There is not always a straight line to work, the youngster might have to take a, or several detours, before they are ready for the labor market that is way we also have many field-studies in this project. Our organization and the volunteer’s base, were most of the young unemployed have their platform within the municipality of Helsingborg.Our department in our organization has many years of experience in the field and we consist of social workers, student counselors, coaches, budget advisors, teachers and others that can give support in social issues. The volunteer will primarily work along side with coaches that have individual coach meetings with the unemployed and group sessions with various modules related to employment and employability.We are addressing youngsters with fewer opportunities in this application and interests by the young applicant in our project of how we work with youth unemployment and all the reasons for that. The interest for EU issues regarding youngster via ERASMUS+ will be promoted by the volunteer and us in the staff to encourage youngsters in our target group to see the possibilities and get a insight of how it is to be a volunteer. We will work with Youthpass for recognition of informal learning, diplomas via Open College Network (OCN) and a Europass.The methodology we work with our target-group, and that the volunteer will learn is, Arbetsmarknadscoaching, free translation would be Coach to employable. Grand focus is on the individual, and her or his capacity, there is where we start our work as a coach. During individual talks with the young in our target-group, things comes up to the surface and we start to understand what the young one really needs and out-of that, we do a mutual understanding of the next step to employment or employability, if it is not studies that is in focus, then we address that. The volunteer will work along a coach at all times.We are applying for 12 volunteers for a project time of 2 years, every year is 2 volunteers for 10 months, 6 months and 2 months. That is 6 volunteers a year and no more then 4 volunteers at the same time. The reason for various times is to give individuals who might hesitate, a chance to do a shorter period of voluntary stay and that that will give inspiration and encouragement to partake in for example a Youth-Exchange, or take the next level towards employment.This application, INSIGHT, is the beginning of applications for Youth - Exchange and International conference for youth workers, that will be applied for in 2016. We have chosen our partners because of their experience with youth work and ERASMUS+ , it is not exactly the same as ours, but the common is youth work, employability and fewer opportunities and the willingness to cooperate within the EU.The results among many, is that we will have a broader knowledge within our own organization, of the possibilities that the ERASMUS+ program offer. We will widen our network within the EU for collaboration, and have found new organization within our own country to cooperate with. We have visited several gymnasiums together with the volunteer in Helsingborg and surrounding municipalities, to inform and encourage other youngsters to see the possibilities that ERASMUS + offers instead of maybe do a school-drop-out, do an EVS, or if they do not get in to the university they have applied for and maybe have to wait for a year for next application date. ERASMUS+ is known on university level but not so much below, in the education system, we will try to fill that gap the best we can. The project INSIGHT will be our presentation, together with the information presented on our National agency website,, OTLAS and the European Youth Portal.



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