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Inside/Outside: a Mankind’s Research
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Inside/Outside: a Mankind’s Research” is made up of six works of literature, including two modern classic and four contemporary novels by Denmark, The Netherlands and Turkey.The fil rouge connecting them is the deep analysis of the authors inside the characters, investigating their interaction with the society and the people they’ve got to do with. Starting from one of the most classic means of research, the police investigation of A NEW YEAR'S EVE IN ISTANBUL, the reader is led through the suburbs of Istanbul and its ethnical problems. No character manages to modify this violent reality except the detective himself, as he’s detached from it.The same suburbs are described in ALI AND RAMAZAN, although here there is no detective but two boys sucked into squalor. There seems to be no chance to change reality: the only way to survive is finding a shelter inside oneself.An opposite background is the one of STAR WOUNDED, settled in the life of a pop star. Here a young woman imitates the star she’s living with, until she almost loses her own identity. Another woman is the protagonist of THIS SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN THE PRESENT, where a girl gets suck into a too much normal reality, so that days just slip by.This strong sense of evanescence contrasts with the dark colours of CHARACTER where the fight of a son with his father is an ever-increasing one, until he admits there is no possibility to interact.And finally, a new investigation closes the circle. In THE PAINTED ROOM the detective is the reader: on the background of the court, the charachters of the paitings by Mantegna interact with real people, while the reader has to put together the fragments of the stories. These novels tell about the continuous feed-back from the interior to the external world and viceversa: a game of mirrors, in which the characters have the chance to modify themselves and/or modify reality and relationships.