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Inside a cluster - beyond the border cross-border cluster relations for the development of economic cooperation (InterregCluster)
Date du début: 31 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 30 janv. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The 25th May 2010, a Romanian delegation paid visit to Szeged in the organization of the Chamber of Industry of Timisoara to gather information about the successful Hungarian clusters. This meeting was the scene of the appearance of the fundamental idea of this application. The goal of the project is to share the experiences of the successful operation with the enterprises working beyond the border and, at the same time, to make the operation of the cluster international as well as to utilize the advantages issuing from the new co-operation. Studies are prepared during the project about the experiences of the operation and about the numerical results of the national relations. During the implementation phase, developments creating the opportunities and the maintenance of co-operation are performed, such as a joint database. Conferences, workshops and exhibitions are organized aiming to advance the surmounting of the international differences. The goal of the benchmarking visits is to share the best practices. A study about the results and the further co-operation plans will be one of the closing elements of the project.The general objective of the project is support of cross-border business cooperation.The direct beneficiaries of the project are the SHENA Dél-Alföldi Regionális Energia Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft. from Szeged and the Asociatia de Afaceri Ungare in Romania from Timisoara. The small and medium sized Hungarian and Romanian enterprises, energy suppliers, civil organizations belonging to the network of the two non-profit organizations (approx. 60) represent the direct beneficiaries of the project in a narrow sense. Some activities and results are presented below:Organization of events (2 conferences, 3 workshops, 1 exhibition) Sharing of best practices and information.



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