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INPUTS: Inspire People to Understand Together the Society
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

INputs - is a Youth Exchange involving 60 young people + 12 teamleaders from 12 countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Lithuania and Slovakia) and will take place in Beja from 7th to 16 of September 2016. Our work will be investigating the 12 countries good practices on youth sense of initiative and creativity; then we will work on testing and enhancing the participant competences related with sense of initiative and job (creativity, awareness on own limits and values, stress management, problem solving, team-work and cooperation,). These are the main stages:1. Getting to know each other and create team-spirit.2. Cultural acknowledgment and sharing: Examples of youth employment, sense of initiative and creativity in each of the 12 countries: discussion and reflection Experiential Building of social, entrepreneurial, job related competences; Building a frame: Simulations, exercises, games about job competences, communication, democratic processes, inclusion, creativity;3. This exchange will be essentially teaching "How to present yourself" through three different ways, giving them three different possibilities to gain and improve their skills: - Communication through media & new technologies: How to use new technologies to present yourself in a representative way to increase chances for employability, especially in different social media platforms;- Plastic & visual art: How to present your competences in a visual way. Presentation of visual art possibilities for employment (ex: different creative ways for making CV to attract attention of employers);- Performance arts: How to express yourself with your body, with music, dance, juggling, theatre etc. and use this as an added value when looking for a job;4. Transferring all the acknowledgements and competences gained in the final event for sharing with the local community "INputs Action" (the kind of activity is going to be decided through a common decision as exercise of democracy);5. Evaluation of the exchange and personal evaluation - gained skills; Feedback for the future. Follow up ideas6. Post exchange Evaluation.The Main Objectives are: Let participants discover their own skills, competences, creativity and self-efficacy through presentations, simulations, tasks, games and other non -formal activities; Share successful experiences of youth who developed their creativity and sense of initiative into projects, firms, activities- The value of the good examples; Suggest an active attitude towards the problems and search creative solutions which can support them in tackling obstacles in job market, and/or that can develop an entrepreneurial attitude; Develop and spread non formal and informal education methodologies, and competences:The methods of work will be mostly non-formal, with learning by doing, with a lot of practice, exercise, games, acting, performing, graphic-art activities, dialogic methods (like conversation, discussion, dramatization) and presentations. With using these methods we expected that the participants will acquire or improve the communication skills, the skills of improvisation, self-confidence and self-efficacy, creativity and imagination skills. We will be developing the sense of acceptance and respect towards other cultures, countries and ways to work, developing in this way their attitude and behavior towards others as well as cooperation skills and team work.



11 Participants partenaires