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Inovatyvūs praktinio mokymo(si) metodai
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of practical training in VET institutions is to provide students with proper conditions for acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for their future employment as well as to open possibilities for international career and to facilitate adaptation to the changing situation on the labour market. High quality practical training can ensure a successful career development of young workers, to increase their employment chances and to satisfy their social needs. A few years ago Vilnius Builders Training Centre together with partners from Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Spain and Sweden implemented a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project and developed methodological material "Development of Quality Assurance System for Practical Training in VET institutions". The outcomes of the project enabled a self-assessment of VET institutions and a better understanding how the practical training needs to be improved in order to meet the EU strategy and the changing requirements of the national market. Modern practical training is closely related to the use of innovative training methods and modern teaching/learning tools. Application of such tools and methods adds to the development of attractive teaching/learning environment, fosters cooperation between the teacher and the student, making VET more appealing and efficient. The project aims at transferring the good European practice in applying active and innovative teaching methods that help the students acquire the required competences, develop their feelings, understanding, reasoning and abilities, VET skills, foster their motivation for active and independent learning and working. The participants of the project (15 teachers and 30 students) are going to develop their skills and acquire new competences during work placements and job shadowing activities. Special attention will be paid to the development of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in VET as well as to recognition of learning achievements of those students who dropped out of the training process for certain reasons. The training placement and job shadowing activities are planned in VET institutions of the Czech Republic, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia and Germany. The trainers will have a chance to acquire the qualifications and competences in the following areas: general construction, production of articles of small architecture, installation of electric systems in buildings, use of ICT, stands and simulation devices in practical training workshops and laboratories, will get acquainted with the application of new methods and techniques in VET, distance learning and virtual learning possibilities, the use of Moodle, WebCT, Atutor, Learning Space, First Class learning environments. The students will not only improve their basic VET competences, but will also develop skills demanded by the today’s labour market: career planning, information processing, ICT, foreign language learning, etc. They will also familiarize with quality assurance system and self-assessment. All the trainers’ acquired skills and competences will be used while delivering initial and continuing training programmes, teaching students from other VET schools, colleges, universities in the sectoral practical training centre for construction industry. The project participants will seek to use the innovative teaching methods in their daily work and will prepare guidelines on methodology. The students will present the acquired experiences and information for the school community and for the students from other Lithuanian VET schools. They will be requested to complete a self-assessment questionnaire developed by the project working group in order to see if their expectations regarding the training placements were fulfilled. All the participants will be issued Europass Mobility document and a certificate for the acquired competences.



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