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Inovatyvus ir atviras mokytojas - sparnai mokinio sėkmei
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An Innovative and Open-minded Teacher is a Guarantee of Student’s Success The purpose of the project is to improve competencies of teachers in order to ensure personal progress of every student. To achieve this objective three spheres for development are selected: ICT - new technologies – digital literacy, teaching and learning of foreign languages and methods and school’s quality improvement activities. 19 participants pursuing new competencies and improving current ones were selected for this project. Teachers will use the knowledge and skills acquired during this project to encourage motivation and personal advancement of their students. Some of the participants will take part not only in one course. The participants are six primary teachers, three 5-8 grade English language teachers, two 2-4 grade English language teachers, two mathematics teachers, a dance teacher, the Head teacher, two Deputy Head teachers, a psychologist and a speech therapist are ready and willing to share their experience with the school, the city and the Republic. Participants will use their new experience while implementing other activities of the project. We have planned cooperation with Klaipeda city progymnasiums and arranged intercommunication and consultations regarding possibilities of effective application of tablet computers in the process of education. We will conduct a cycle of a week-long open lessons and educational activities for the Western Region, organise authors seminars, international conference with various reports and announcements for parents, teachers, school head teachers and their deputies. We intend to share and spread our experience via local and national press, school newspaper, website, communicate and cooperate with project partners via e-mails. All activities of the project will help our participants gain new or improve current competencies, skills, behaviour and broaden their minds. First of all, it will improve their ability to communicate and cooperate with people of various cultural backgrounds, encourage more active cooperation with colleagues in creation and implementation of different educational environment. Teachers will be able to organise their studies individually and in groups, improve their English language, learn how to select and use relevant information or databases. They will prepare teaching material that will attract and engage students, purposefully implement educational methods and tablet computers and software to create motivating educational environment. All this will be coordinated with self-assessment of each teacher. We will also encourage feedback from students and parents (guardians) in order to understand how our activities and efforts influence learning and personal progress of every student. Sharing professional experience with colleagues will increase self-confidence of our teachers, support initiatives, encourage cooperation with social and foreign partners, help them model and implement effective personnel policy that will ensure the quality of education.