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Inovate Mathematics and Science Together
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Davis College Mallow is committed to the future of education in Ireland and Europe. We can see the need for new models in education. Our goal is to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning. With our future classrooms it is possible to adapt methodologies for the jobs of the future. Low achievement in these areas can be improved. ICT skills can be developed. Schools will be acquainted with best practice, high level evidence based teaching and learning in mathematics incorporating all learning environments formal and informal. Teachers will have an awareness of teachers and pupils from other nationalities their interests and their motivation. All can be part of a collaborative network of knowledge and resource and a school culture that fosters a European identity. The participants will be varied and while some may not travel, they will comment, assess and develop the project as a team. The activities in this project revolve around teaching placement and job shadowing. All the participants will get clear guidelines beforehand and be assessed during and after the project finishes. By participating in the project each institution will have the chance to get in touch with different educational systems, share pedagogical practices and teaching methods. The common denominator is however, that all partner institutions see the project as an important part of establishing a European and intercultural dimension in their school. Being involved in such a large project calls for the support of the schools’ Board of management. The project will increase the schools’ prestige and reputation. Our traditional model where the teacher is the "expert " imparting information to the student is changing rapidly. There is now the exciting possibility that teachers will be challenged to create learning environments that promote independent thinking, conceptual understanding, innovation and lifelong learning. This idea is really at the heart of this project. Ict and technology inservice will be provided by the Bett conference London England.



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