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Inov8 Your School
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the context of the 21st century, the main purpose of the Romanian education system must be the students’ preparation to actively live and participate in the life of tomorrow's society. In this respect, it is necessary to improve the international dimension of our school, in order to be able to offer innovative learning programs to better meet the students' individual needs and the general needs of the society. The goal of our project "Inov8 Your School" is to improve the key competencies of students by forming a core of teachers able to adopt the new technologies to order to support the entire teaching-learning -assessment process and finally cause the change of the school vision and its strategic objectives.The project objectives are:1. Introduction of innovative teaching- learning and assessment methods and tools in current teaching practice;2. Facilitating the transition of our school from a non- digital learning environment to a digital one;3. Acquiring excellence in innovation and internationalization by intensifying cooperation at European level.Because the project involves a structural change, the project team (made up of 10 teachers) consists of the school headmaster, a member of the School Board, the coordinators of “Language and Communication" and " Mathematics and Science" curricular areas, four coordinators of the methodical committees for primary education, the coordinator for European projects and the coordinator for teachers' training and professional development.The first step taken, in order to start this project, was to ask the teaching staff and parents to fill in questionnaires and to organize a series of debates with the parents. As a result, a SWOT analysis was conducted which helped us to identify our organization's main needs and the areas which need improvement.The European Development Plan considers an increasing number of mobilities through the participation of a significant number of teachers (15 % of the total) into training courses with topics and objectives tailored to the needs and expectations of our teaching staff.Thus, there were selected the following courses:1."Benchmarking Best Practices," organized by”Euneos” (Finland), challenges the partner schools to develop their European dimension into their current activity by encouraging teachers to take part into practical activities in well-known schools in Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia). The course objective is to improve the students' key competencies and their results at national and international evaluation tests. (3 teachers will attend)2. ”Innovative Teaching Methods”, organized ”Ab-Hibe Consulting Group” (Turkey), helps schools and participant teachers to approach innovative teaching, in a systematic manner, which might lead to major changes in school's vision. (3 teachers will attend) 3."Make technology your friend! - Using ICT to engage students in the modern classroom, organized by "Dominou Association", addresses issues such as culture and multiculturalism; digital tools; digital stories in education (audio / video) blogs, websites , webquests; Digital Methodology. (4 teachers will attend).The staff involved in training, in cooperation with the School Board, will develop a new vision of the school, based on innovation and strengthening the European dimension, and will achieve innovative strategies, school development in digital learning field and improvement of educational and internationalization management.The SCHOOL-BASED CURRICULUM will be more flexible according to the real needs of learners so that the optional courses will be trans-disciplinary, more focused on developing the students' key skills, and will ease their transition between the primary and secondary educational levels.The tangible results of the project will be: three syllabus for optional courses, the project blog and site, presentation boards, information seminars, brochures, evaluation reports and newsletters; the intangibles results will be defined in terms of the participants' knowledge, experience and language and cultural skills.The project's impact will be reflected on the participants (during the project and after its completion), on students, parents, school and, consequently, on the local community.The project will increase the visibility of school on local, regional, national and international levels through dissemination and valorisation of results. At the same time the participant teachers will build a network of international contacts which, on medium and long term, will facilitate the initiation and development of European or international projects, either virtual or including mobilities.Carrying on the dissemination and valorization of the results (including the optional subjects into the School Based Curriculum) and innovating the School Development Plan will ensure the project sustainability in the coming years.



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