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Innowacyjne rozwiązania w aranżacji i wykonaniu małych form architektonicznych w architekturze krajobrazu na przykładzie Dolnej Saksonii.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be implemented by the School of Agricultural Training Centre named after Maciej Rataj in Mieczyslawow. It will be conducted in partnership with German training centre: DEULA Nienburg. The internship will involve a group of eighteen students of technical education learning the profession of landscape architecture. All participants of the project are familiar with the theoretical architectural designs, arrangement and maintenance of landscape and also have a knowledge of ornamental plants. The participants of the internship are interested in areas related to their own professional development. The aim of the project is to extend and refine participants' theoretical as well as practical skills such as innovative solutions in the arrangement and implementation of small architectural forms in landscape. The project is also considering to transfer those skills to students local environments. In addition, students, each of the participant, will have the opportunity to learn and work on the most modern equipment and devices nowadays used in landscape design. The project participants will also have the opportunity to participate in practical training in German companies who deal with arrangement, design and maintenance of landscape architecture on a daily basis. The acquisition of practical skills of usage of new equipment, devices needed at workplace and the practical use of the project will allow all participants to gain practical skills as well as increase their professional qualifications. New skills and experience will help young people start their career after graduating from high school and might also lead to many starting higher education in agricultural schools. Participation in the project will also contribute to the personal development of students, motivate to further learning and influence the development of assertiveness as well as communication skills, increasing at the same time participants' activity and competitiveness in the work place. In addition to the tangible benefits of participation in the project, students also learn about the culture and traditions of other nationalities. Participation will influence the integration of the group, improving teamwork and strengthening participants' sensitivity and tolerance towards religion and culture. It should be emphasised that the opportunity to go on an internship training centre in Germany will motivate students of the School of Agricultural Training Centre in Mieczyslawow to learn,especially foreign languages including German because one of the conditions of participation in the project, apart from professional interests, is to obtain good results in different subjects at school. For many students this may be the only opportunity to go abroad. Trainees will be trained by specialised staff at the training centre as well as experienced employees - specialists in the preparation and maintenance of wide green areas. The entire project is supervised and coordinated by Mrs Danuta Krawczyk - the Director of the School of Agricultural Training Centre named after Maciej Rataj in Mieczyslawow. The financial issues will also be conducted by the school. The project will be implemented in the school year 2015/2016, the internship is scheduled between May and September 2016.


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