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Innowacyjna praktyka w Europie - lepszy start w przyszłość zawodową
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled ”Innovative training in Europe – better start in professional future” carried out by Zespol Szkol no3 in Wadowice will last for 12 months, it intends to organize 4 mobilities: 1) in London for 16 students (8 trade technicians + 8 economic technicians) – 3 weeks 2) in Austria/ Carinthia for 20 students (10 food and gastronomy service technicians + 6 waiters + 4 hotel industry technicians) – 3 weeks 3) in Plymouth for 28 students ( 12 graphic design technicians ) – 4 weeks 4) in Lisbon for 20 students ( 12 graphic design technicians + 8 hotel industry technicians). The main aim of this project is to improve the quality and vocational education innovation by gaining professional and language skills, and socio-cultural competence by 84 students from our school, the acquisition of valuable experience and professional skills and also language development of their trade, and thus improve their qualifications and competitiveness on the labour market. Our trainees will work in various positions in catering, hospitality, advertising, trade and business companies in English and German-speaking environment. The new skills they will gain make them more attractive on the Polish and European job markets. They will also be effective and helpful for students while starting the first job or running and managing their new businesses. All these skills will let them easily deal with various ingredients used in Austrian cuisine, modern technology used in trade or business, and also computer software used in advertising or hotels. The language and civilization skills will help them in future business contacts with English, Austrian, Portuguese partners. The long-term benefits of their work experience are: high self-esteem and awareness of gaining new skills. The expected effect of the project is the acquisition of the new practical knowledge and professional experience, which directly increase the attractiveness of our future graduates in the job market, as well as the improvement of communication skills by using professional vocabulary in the participants’ trades (catering, hotel, advertising, business and commerce). The participants of the project will receive certificates of Europass Mobility and ECVET documents confirming the acquired knowledge and skills.



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