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“Innovative Training System For Young Entrepreneurs base on case studies. ENTREPRENEURS 7x21”
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project is designed to help potential entrepreneurs in their professional activities increasing their success chances in the business world. This will affect positively all the participating countries (RO, ES, IT, LT, CZ, PL) and will imply direct benefits in their economy such as employment growth, more ethical and competitive CEO behaviour, better prepared personnel, reinforced leadership and a value added to their industry in general. The product brings innovation as it is based on new methods and focuses on renewed but fundamental competencies that potential entrepreneurs should acquire nowadays in this changing economic context. Two intellectual products will support this process: O1 “Pills Entrepreneurship” and O2 “21 actual case studies in entrepreneurship”. The O2 “21 actual case studies in entrepreneurship” model is a supplementary intellectual output designed to strengthen the capacities of educator’s organisations to apply the innovative O1 “Pills Entrepreneurship”model effectively in their daily work. The methodology is easy to implement and practical at the same time, it is constructed from real case studies that collect all the possible entrepreneurship problems that need to be addressed and there will be seven main topics built around these issues: strategic planning and organization, focus on results, adaptation to change and dynamism, creativity and innovation, customer orientation, teamwork and leadership. These seven key competences will be integrated in the case studies based on successful real business experiences and within the training program; all with the purpose of educating the learners to become effective entrepreneurs. It is estimated that at least 280 participants from all the 6 participating countries will take part of this project and through digital channels like Facebook or LinkedIn even more people will participate (indirectly or not) in the project using this cloud system to keep in touch and provide feedback via recommendations, personal opinions and concerns. The website part for learners provides them with open access to the learning tools of the “Pills entrepreneurship” O1 model. Although project's lifetime is expected to go up to 5 years, the fruits and profits from its educative tools are expected to be much more durable and stable beyond this period. The final impact is to increase the economic productivity in these countries and motivate talented people with new ideas to start their own business applying all that they have learned during this project.



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